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CoSchedule for Marketing

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Since launching Tatum Digital Agency, I’ve tested many services to help me with content marketing, which includes keeping track of blog posts, social media posting, and general task management. Mostly, Notion was my go-to solution for task management.

However, I recently stumbled upon a relatively new service to the content marketing scene, and they’re called CoSchedule.

CoSchedule offers integrated tools for social media, blogging, email marketing, and engagement. If you’re looking for an “All In One” solution for your marketing needs, then it could be the solution you’re just looking for.

In this blog post, I’m going to go over what the Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule can do for you and how it can help you save time in your content marketing efforts.

What Is The Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule?

What Is The Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule?

CoSchedule’s Marketing Calendar is an all-in-one solution that integrates with WordPress, social media networks, Bitly, Google Calendar, Google Analytics, and much more! It can automate all of your social media posts and has an additional feature called “ReQueue” which automatically posts content on a manually scheduled or automatic basis.

With ReQueue, you can fill the gaps in your social media calendar without the manual work. Instead of spending hours of your day posting on social media, you can let ReQueue do the heaving lifting for you! ReQueue considers your entire social media schedule and uses an algorithm to determine the best time to automatically post new or refreshed content.

How Does CoSchedule Work?

CoSchedule is a cloud-based management tool that allows you and your team to coordinate, schedule, and manage online content, promotion & campaigns. There’s also a great WordPress plug-in that automatically integrates with your Calendar, making creating new social campaigns a simple process!

Schedule Your Social Media While You Blog

Does CoSchedule Integrate With Social Media?

Yes! The social media features of CoSchedule are my favorite, mainly because I want two basic things out of a social media posting tool.

First, I want something that can append tracking parameters, known as “UTM parameters,” so that I can tell where my traffic is coming from in Google Analytics. The drawback with adding UTM parameters to your URL is that they can become incredibly long.

So, the second thing I want is something that will shorten the URL for me. I currently use Bitly as my URL Shortner (, and while some platforms offer their shortening service, I would prefer to stick with one domain for “shareable” URLs.

As of now, CoSchedule can post to Facebook Pages & Groups, Instagram Personal & Business accounts, LinkedIn Profiles & Company Pages, Twitter accounts, and Pinterest Personal & Business accounts. Unfortunately, they don’t integrate with Google My Business; however, that’s in the works.

The critical thing to note with CoSchedule is that it strictly handles the posting of your content. There is no social monitoring or ability to see trends, such as seeing if your Facebook Page has gotten more likes over some time.

How Much Does CoSchedule Cost?

CoSchedule’s Marketing Calendar costs $29 a month when paid annually or $39 when billed monthly.

CoSchedule Marketing Calendar Example


I’ve grown fond of CoSchedule, and they offer a free two-week trial without a credit card to sign up. So, I’d suggest trying them! If you try them out, post your comments below to let me know what you think!

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