How to Give Us Access to Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business (GMB) plays a critical role with Local SEO and showing up in Google Search and Google Maps.

If you decide to partner with Tatum Digital Agency to manage or optimize your existing GMB Profile, you’ll need to invite or organization to your account as a “Manager” for our Profile.

Here are the steps to invite us:

  1. Go to your GMB Profile by signing in at
  2. Once you are in your profile, on the left side of the screen, look for “Users” and click that link.
  3. In the popup screen, at the top right, click the “Add users” button, and you’ll enter our ID: 5702646487.
    1. It should show “TDA Clients” once you provide that number, if not, don’t worry.
  4. Beneath our ID, there is a “Choose a role” drop down, select “Manager”
  5. Click Invite
  6. You’re done!

You can email us at to confirm that we’ve received your invitation. Either way, once we receive an invite, we’ll let you know.

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