What Are Short-Tail Keywords?

Short-tail keywords are a subset of the phrases, words, and topics that people search for. They are very specific in their meaning and intent and are made up of no more than three words.

Short-tail keywords have more general meanings than long-tail keywords.

Advantages of Short-Tail Keywords

Short-tail keywords can be very useful for you because they allow you to hone in on a niche. The downside of these keywords is that they are typically more expensive to bid on & gain organic search traffic from because there are more advertisers & websites competing for that keyword phrase.

However, these keywords should not be overlooked because they can be highly profitable for your website. This is especially true if you have a very targeted audience that will be looking for those types of searches.

For search engine marketing or any pay-per-click advertising campaign, these keywords can be beneficial for lead generation because of their ability to drive traffic to your website. This is because some people find it easier to type in shorter keywords into a search engine than longer phrases, which makes them more likely to find your company and convert.

Short Tail vs Long Tail Keywords

Examples of Short-Tail Keywords

Some examples of short-tail keywords include:

  • blogging tips
  • blogging advice
  • blog ideas
  • blogging strategy

How To Find Short-Tail Keywords

To find short-tail keywords, you can use services like Keywords Everywhere, WordStream, Ubersuggest, or Semrush.

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