Google My Business Image Sizes

Google My Business image sizes are very important for your profile and the posts you make. This article will cover the various image types you can upload and the suggested image sizes. Please refer to this article every now and then as Google does like to experiment and switch things up!

Your logo is the most prominently displayed image on your profile. In regards to image ratio, it’s best to keep it 1:1 (square) and to use a high-resolution image (96dpi or higher). The minimum size is 250×250; however, we suggest going larger if possible. We use a 1080×1080 logo.

Adding a logo will ensure your branding is represented and recognizable for those searching for your business.

Cover Photo

The cover photo is most prominently displayed on Google Maps, but can also appear in regular search results as well.

We suggest a cover photo size of 1080x608px or a maximum of 2120×1192.


Google My Business

There are various Google My Business image sizes that work, but one thing is clear: Google is sticking to an image ratio of 4:3, which is different from many other social media platforms that use a 16:9 ratio.

Here are the recommended dimensions (width x height):

  • Default Size – 720 x 540
  • Maximum Size – 2120 x 1192
  • Minimum Size – 480 x 270

If you upload an image in a different size, always remember to center the subject of your image vertically and horizontally. This way the important stuff won’t get cropped out when you upload your image to Google My Busines.

You can upload images with aspect ratios that are different than the recommended 4:3, but your image will get revised by Google.

File Sizes & Types for Google My Business Profile Posts

  • Minimum File Size – 10kb
  • Maximum File Size – 5mb
  • File Type – JPG, PNG, BMP
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