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We’ve established a variety of effective solutions to facilitate the growth of your business. We offer complete web development services, from WordPress development, eCommerce development, .NET Core Web & API development, and third-party integrations.

Whether you are looking to build your web presence or integrate applications for web automation, we’re up for the task.

No matter the size of your project, we will invest our time and talent to build you a solution that drives your business forward.

Our Web Development Services

We’re on top of web development & design trends. From knowing which hosting provider will provide you the best experience to implementing the right technology to accomplish your goal, we’re on your side!

We concentrate on outcomes and offer strategies that promote successful results. Our web development & design expertise is combined with how your web presence can be transformed into leads and sales. In addition, we know how to deliver complex solutions with external data sources, APIs, and other resources.

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How Do You Want To Build Your Digital Presence?


WordPress Development

With over 40% of the website market share, WordPress brings a lot to web development. As your digital presence management agency, we can develop or enhance your existing WordPress site to make it run faster & do more for your business!

Online Shop

eCommerce Development

In an October 2020 report, Statista estimated 1.92 billion individuals purchased goods and services online in 2019. We provide many different eCommerce development solutions to you to have the digital presence you dream of and, best of all, works for you!


.NET Core Development

Thanks to it being open-source, .NET Core offers you the flexibility to run applications virtually anywhere. Tatum Digital Agency provides end-to-end .NET Core Development services to build web apps on the .NET platform. Let us help you with your custom app!

Some Technologies We've Worked With

Frequently Asked Questions

We take SEO seriously and develop a site for search engines and Digital Marketing first. You can have a fantastic-looking website, but if it performs slowly due to a sluggish hosting provider or poorly written code, it can drive your page rank down and turn away potential customers.

Microsoft Azure is our go-to platform for .NET applications and often other custom applications, as we have been developing on the Azure platform for over five years. We’ve developed multiple types of applications or functions using:

  • Azure DevOps
  • App Service Plans
  • Serverless Functions that are written in .NET, Python, and nodeJS
  • Azure SQL Server
  • Storage Containers
  • Azure Event Hub/Grid
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • And more…

Besides Azure, we also use Cloudways for WordPress hosting. we’re also familiar with DigitalOcean.

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